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Orton Gillingham Methodologies Pre K- Adult

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Orton Gillingham Tutor

Orton Gillingham Online Tutoring

  • Orton Gillingham Methodologies, Pre K - Adult

  • Wilson Intensive Reading, 2nd grade - Adult

  • Wilson Just Words, 4th grade - Adult

  • Lindamood Bell LiPS 

  • Structured Word Inquiry

  • Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars

  • Barton Reading and Spelling

We believe, passionately, that all children and adults can be taught to read and comprehend.


We identify the strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting school performance in reading- comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary development, writing, and math. Our instruction is based on an individual’s learning needs.


Some students come to us with general learning challenges or a previous diagnosis such as dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, hearing loss, or autism spectrum disorders.


Students come to us to enhance their skills or to just make learning easier. We are a practice of the best reading tutors, with Center for Effective Reading Instruction Certification as dyslexia specialists, Wilson Dyslexia Specialists, Barton Certified Dyslexia Specialist and Orton-Gillingham Certification. 

Orton Gillingham or Structured Literacy Tutoring with Progress Monitioring

Specifically addresses the learning needs of students with a language‐based learning disability, such as dyslexia, or who have word-level deficits and have not mastered the decoding and spelling process. 


Candidates for our phonics decoding program share characteristics such as:

  • Unable to decode accurately (in lowest 30th percentile)

  • Slow, labored reading with lack of fluency

  • May know many words by sight, but have difficulty reading unfamiliar words and pseudowords 

  • Often guesses at words

  • Poor spelling (in lowest 30th percentile)

  • Able to speak and understand English, but not read or write it (such as English language learners)

  • Have a language-based learning disability​

Students who struggle with reading and writing often need direct, explicit instruction in these areas. I offer lessons using research-proven methods that are personally tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. I carefully monitor students’ progress, offering continual feedback and encouragement throughout the lesson. Your child's grades, and confidence, will improve.  We have the best Orton Gillingham certified Reading Tutors in the nation. They hold Center for Effective Reading Instruction certifications, Wilson Reading Dyslexia Specialists, Barton Reading and Spelling Certifications, as well as Orton-Gillingham Certified through AOGPE.

Characteristics of Lessons Under Orton Gillingham Approach

Orton Gillingham is a reading approach which tends to create individual-based interventions for every kid. Any best Orton Gillingham tutor will, first of all, try to understand what difficulty the child is facing and then devise the lesson plans to address such difficulties.  


The characteristics which are the foundations of the Orton Gillingham reading approach and followed by every Orton Gillingham certified tutors are the following:

Lessons are highly personalized

As mentioned earlier, the Orton Gillingham approach is based on a very much individualized intervention. This means that based on every kid’s needs and requirements; the lessons are personalized which is a very important foundation of this reading approach.

Lessons make use of more than one sense

Instead of just using one sense, the lessons under this approach make use of the tactile-kinesthetic, visual as well as auditory modalities to help children. This is because it is believed that by making the use of more senses; the children are kept engaged in the lessons and can retain and understand the information in a better way.

Lessons are extremely comprehensive while being sequential

Our Orton Gillingham trained tutors to develop lessons which are very well structured so that the understanding of a language can become convenient for the child. Generally, the lessons begin with understanding the sounds associated with the letters, then the letters moving onto syllables, words, sentences and so on depending on the ability of the kid.

Before beginning any new lesson, learning from the previous lessons are connected and reinforced so that confusion inside the child’s mind can be kept at bay. Everything is therefore taught in a proper sequence.

Lessons are diagnostic

After every lesson under the Orton Gillingham approach, the student’s ability and performance are thoroughly monitored. Based on this evaluation, future lessons are devised by the Orton Gillingham certified tutors to further enhance the student’s strength and to tackle his/her weaknesses, if any. 

Why choose us for Orton Gillingham reading tutoring?

iReading provides opportunities to kids as well as adults who wish to get acquainted with the Orton Gillingham reading approach online. We have highly professional and best Orton Gillingham tutor who will make your whole learning experience one of a kind. Contact us to know more.  

Scarborough Reading Rope

Students with Dyslexia typically have deficits associated with the bottom section of the rope at the 

WORD LEVEL- Phonemic Awareness, Decoding, Spelling, Sight Word Recognition

Students with Autism typically have deficits associated with the top section of the rope.

LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION- background knowledge, vocabulary, semantics/syntax, verbal reasoning, and literacy knowledge.


Scarbough reading rope.png

Self-contained Autism Spectrum Disorder mmiddle schoolClass data-

Avg. gain 2.1 years growth, Aug- April, 2016-17 school year

Autism reading ad.png

Data from a 2nd grader with Autism, increased 6 Reading Levels

H- M in just 12 sessions!


Our Reading Instruction 

We have the best reading tutors that can close the gap in your child's or students achievement with our evidence-based Orton Gillingham instruction & methodologies. The data shows a child moving from 3.9 grade level to 6.1 grade level and a 4.0 grade level to 6.5 grade level while in an self-contained class for students with Autism working on Access points curriculum. All students can close the gap with reading tutoring provided by our iReading TUTORS. 

 (FL Special Ed. diploma option- Access points curriculum)  

These two students improved their Reading so much that they were placed in a general education class with their typical peers. We provide the best autism tutors available so your child will progress. 

Executive Functioning, Organizational, Study Skills Coaching and Instruction

Executive Functioning, Organizational and Study Skills Coaching and Instruction

Keeping track of assignments, maintaining an organized notebook and backpack, and setting up a functional workspace can be a challenge for students and parents alike. We can help in setting up organizational systems for home and school that will help with academic success.

  • Assistance monitoring school assignments 

  • Assistance communicating with school staff

  • Proitrizing assignment completion

  • assistance with developing a monthly, weekly and daily plan to accomplish academic goals.

Teacher with Pupils

Professional Collabration

Assistance communicating with various professionals, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Therapists, etc.


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